9 Jun 2023

Spotlight on ethics: Developing a school chatbot for student support services

Developing a school chatbot for student support services, addresses the ethical issues of bias, social responsibility, risk and privacy.

8 Jun 2023

Hammermen Award Poll

Please vote for one winner. Each Congress delegate may vote only once. The posters and their summaries are provided below as a reminder. [wpforms id="122464" title="false"] Finalist posters Kadiri Adebowale...

5 Jun 2023

Receive notifications from the EPC

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5 Jun 2023

Sustainability Toolkit

Welcome to the EPC’s Sustainability toolkit, produced in partnership with Siemens and the Royal Academy of Engineering. Here you will find our resource designed to help engineering educators integrate sustainability-related...

5 Jun 2023

Help! I’m teaching Engineering Ethics for the first time!

Dr. Jude Bramton of the University of Bristol discusses her first-hand experience of using the Engineering Ethics Toolkit.

1 Jun 2023

EPC Congress 2023: Private Hire Transport

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1 Jun 2023

Spotlight on ethics: Feasibility of installing heat pumps at scale to reach net zero

You are an engineering consultant working for a commercial heat pump company. The company handles both the manufacture and installation of heat pumps. You have been called in by a...

30 May 2023

How to get more from your EPC membership

Every EPC member has their very own My EPC page, which can be customised for better benefits. Please take two minutes to go to My EPC and update your profile.

30 May 2023

Spotlight on ethics: Embedding equity, diversity and inclusion into a professional engineer’s lifestyle

"There is a great need to advocate for fellow engineers providing places to belong and empowering them to thrive in their chosen profession and career pathways. This includes people who...

28 May 2023

Spotlight on ethics: Why integrate ethics in engineering?

If you’d like to improve your own ethics learning, then our guidance article Why integrate ethics in engineering? is a great place to start.

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