24 Oct 2023

Spotlight on ethics: Feasibility of installing heat pumps at scale to reach net zero

You are an engineering consultant working for a commercial heat pump company. The company handles both the manufacture and installation of heat pumps. You have been called in by a...

16 Oct 2023

Spotlight on ethics: Why integrate ethics in engineering?

If you’d like to improve your own ethics learning, then our guidance article Why integrate ethics in engineering? is a great place to start.

12 Oct 2023

Research Excellence Framework 2028

In June 2023, the four UK higher education funding bodies published key decisions on the high-level design of the next research assessment exercise. The EPC’s Research, Innovation and Knowledge Transfer...

11 Oct 2023

Spotlight on ethics: Debating the adoption of nuclear energy

This case study asks students to identify and define an open-ended problem in engineering

24 Oct 2023

RIKT Committee Sub Group Meeting 24th October 2023

There will be a meeting of the sub group taking place 24th October 2023 at 3pm.

10 Oct 2023

SEFI Conference 2023 - Engineering ethics workshop

Our workshop at the 2023 SEFI Conference in September.

4 Oct 2023

Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable teaching ethics

We need to move past our discomfort in order to teach ethics in engineering.

30 Sep 2023

Engineering enrolments survey 2023-4

We are excited to launch the EPC engineering enrolment survey 2023/4. The survey will be open throughout October and we encourage each engineering department to respond. If you have completed...

24 Jan 2024

EES Committee Meeting 24th January 2024

There will be a meeting of the EES committee taking place Wednesday 24th January at midday.

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