Engineering Academics Network

The Engineering Academics Network is an inclusive community of colleagues at all stages in their careers, from early career academics to senior leaders, where you can share ideas, concerns and good practice, collaborate, find support or recommendations, discuss and connect with colleagues across the UK and beyond. Every academic at any EPC member institution is a automatically a member of the Engineering Academics Network, as well as individuals who choose to join and some staff from EPC partner organisations.

If you’re an engineering academic working in a university or institution that is a member of the EPC, then you are automatically a member of the Engineering Academics Network. Membership for you is free. There are no extra fees and no obligations – it’s just a perk of your institution’s EPC membership. You can see whether your university is a member here.

If, however, you are not currently attached to a EPC member as a member of staff – you may be between roles or retired – you can still be a member of the Engineering Academics Network for a small annual fee.

We also allow a certain number of representative members of EPC partner organisations to join the Network and some individuals may be granted honorary membership by the EPC Board.

Members of the network can

  • Enjoy full access to the EPC website – which is packed full of resources, analysis and data.
  • Attend events, most of which are free, discounted or exclusive to members.
  • Connect with other Network members to share ideas or good practice, to collaborate or to ask for help.
  • Join our communities of shared interests, whether within a particular engineering discipline or perhaps a collective specialism.

Individual members do not have voting rights within the Engineering Professors’ Council (except through institutional membership), but they are entitled to attend meetings as observers.

A supportive community

The Engineering Academics Network exists to make the benefits of EPC membership more personal and relevant to individuals and not just the sector as a group with shared concerns. It is here for you when you want to know more about what's going on, when you want to improve your professional practice, when you want to move jobs, when you want to find research partners, when you want to share worries, when you want to understand something better, when you want to find an external examiner, when you want to find stimulating events and so much more...

Communities within a community

Under the umbrella of the EPC, there are communities of members with shared interests. Some are specific to particular engineering disciplines. Several of these have been well established for decades and were previously known as the 'sectoral groups'. Others are for communities who belong to a subset of engineering academics (such as visiting professors) or who share a specialist interest (such as educational practice).

When you log in and visit your My EPC profile, you can sign up to hear more about these communities and their activities.

The current communities are as follows:

Discipline-based communities:

Communities of special interest:

As the Network develops we intend to foster new communities (for early career staff, heads and deans, and others). Please contact us if you would be interested in starting your own community (or being part of a new one), or post a discussion to see who else might also want to join. We’ll be happy to help connect you with other members.

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