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Welcome to the Engineering Professors’ Council website. Please do read our terms and conditions before you proceed to use our website. If you continue to use this site, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions and must comply with them.

Security and Data

When you visit our website, you will have the option to create a username and password to sign in. The EPC ensures that adequate measures will be taken to protect your information. You are responsible for your log in details. Please do keep these details private. If you feel your password has been compromised or is being used in an unwarranted manner, you must contact us immediately. The EPC does not accept responsibility for personal misuse of your log in details.

Your information will be kept on a server and reside within a secure administration environment that is password protected. Your personal data is important to us. If there is any unwarranted access, we will inform the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) and let you know.

If you object to our handling of your data, please contact the ICO: https://ico.org.uk. The ICO is the Data Protection Supervisory Authority in the United Kingdom.

Your personal details

Voluntary details

You are providing us with voluntary personal details when you fill out a form on the EPC website, contact us via e-mail, or communicate with your fellow members. These personal details include your job title, institution address, institution name, personal phone number, and personal e-mail address. Please note that if you are a representative, you agree to give permission to have your e-mail address shared with others.

We value your privacy and will only share your personal details with third parties if particular conditions are met. These conditions include the following:

  • When we are legally obligated to comply with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).
  •  Your personal details are essential for the work that we conduct for your institution.

Automatically collected details

As you explore our website, we may gather information based upon:

  • The way you browse across our website each time you visit.
  • The amount of time you spend on particular pages.
  • The content you view and the accompanying date and time you accessed it

In addition to these factors, your web browser preferences, IP address, and location are all examples of details that might also be collected.


We may employ cookies to track your browsing habits across the website, compile demographic information about our users and examine trends.

When you visit a website, the internet uses a technology known as cookies to store minute data files on your smartphone or desktop computer. A vast majority of online services use cookies to improve the functionality of their websites and to collect information for reporting purposes.

You can disable the use of cookies via your web browser settings at any time. Please note that some aspects of our website might be limited if cookies are disabled. To learn more, please visit www.allaboutcookies.org.

Contact us

You have the right to access, remove, amend, or update your information that we currently have stored on our system. Please contact us if you require this information.

Privacy policy

Our policy is subject to change. Please consistently check back here for updates.

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