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20 May 2021

Engineering Opportunity: Maximising the opportunities for social mobility from studying Engineering

The starting point for the EPC's new report is that, on average, Engineering graduates go on to earn more than most other graduates. That fact won’t surprise anyone, but the...

25 Mar 2019

The Impact of Brexit on HE research funding: an EPC research briefing

Using exclusive analysis, the EPC has produced an important insight into the impact that Brexit will have on UK engineering research. The findings are far-reaching and disturbing. The briefing is...

17 Sep 2018

Initial impact of Brexit on European students and academic staff in UK’s engineering higher education

This is a report informed by EPC research in collaboration with the UCL Centre for Engineering Education.

9 Sep 2018

Experience enhanced: improving engineering degree apprenticeships

This influential paper examines degree apprenticeships policy in practice, identifying key barriers to their success in the interests of learner, employers and the public good. It makes number of substantial...

20 Jun 2017

Proceedings of the Conference: New Approaches to Engineering in Higher Education

This eBook (in PDF format) contain the published papers presented at the EPC/IET Conference in May 2017.

1 Jan 2017

Making Waves: The EPC Strategic Plan 2017

An important roadmap setting out the future for the EPC, including outlining the new Engineering Academics Network to be launched in 2018.

16 Mar 2016

The Engenius Guide to film making - Emma Carter

EPC funded Engaging in Engineering project.  

17 Jul 2015

Children as Engineers: Paired Peer Mentors in Primary Schools

This report is the result of an EPC-funded Engaging in Engineering project. You can also look at the Fogg-Rogers 2016 Paired peer learning through engineering education outreach.

1 Sep 2009

Assessment of Learning Outcomes in Engineering (ALOE) Final Report

See also the underpinning work: Output standards.

8 Mar 1996

Open learning in Engineering education

The report of the EPC Working Group on Open Learning

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