Your experiences, observations, and thoughts are extremely valuable to both the EPC and organisations that we work with. This is where we host our surveys.

Physics teaching as a career

The EPC is working with the Institute of Physics and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers to understand the role of engineering academics in supporting physics teaching as a career.

Members of Engineering Academics Network are invited to complete a short survey (< 5 minutes) by 12th January 2024.

Everyone who completes the survey by the deadline will be entered into a prize draw and 5 winners will be selected at random to receive a £50 book voucher. Thank you for your support.

EPC enrolment survey 2023

Thank you to everyone who responds to the EPC’s annual engineering enrolment survey. Last year’s results were shared at the EPC Recruitment and Admissions Forum and on the EPC website.

The 2023 EPC engineering enrolments survey is now open.

Download the Engineering enrolments survey

(Please note to download with Chrome you will need to copy and paste the link into your browser).

The results of the 2023 survey will be published at the 2023 EAN Access and Admissions Forum.

The timetable for the 2023 survey is outlined below.

2nd October 2023 Survey opens Details on how to complete the survey will be sent to your university’s EPC representative and enrolment survey contact. If you would like to get involved, please contact us.
30th October 2023 Main survey deadline We know that our members have different enrolment timescales and processes so there is a four-week window in which you are invited to submit your response. We do understand that enrolment numbers may not be completely stable at this stage but ask that you provide your best estimates based on your latest information.
3rd November 2023


Survey closes to all members For the small number of you who use your central services (who are likely to be prioritising the HESA data collections for the previous cycle) to support this process, we can extend a slightly later deadline to allow a few days after the HESA final commit dates. Please let us know if this applies to you.
3rd November 2023 to 13th November 2023 EPC data checking In case there are any queries we need to raise with you, or de-duplications or data management issues at our end.
6th December 2023 Launch of results We will launch the Engineering Enrolment Survey results at the EAN Access and Admissions Forum. More information and booking will be available shortly.
15th December 2023  

Results publication


The results will be published on the EPC website in blog format. We also hope to provide a recording of the survey results to enable as many members as possible to benefit.


Every year, the collective results give us all a first glance at engineering enrolments long before official data becomes available. Our members have told us that that the data is used in many ways, from enabling individual members and departments to understand their experience relative to the sector, to evidence-based decision making on new courses to offer. In the last couple of years, this insight has been more important than ever.

Sustainability Toolkit Steering Group questionnaire

The following questionnaire is only accessible to members of the Sustainability Toolkit Steering Group: Steering Group questionnaire.

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