Engineering Ethics Toolkit: Case enhancements and other activities

Welcome to the Activities pages of the EPC’s Engineering Ethics toolkit, produced in partnership with the Royal Academy of Engineering. Click here for the toolkit homepage.

Here you will find case enhancements, as well as other learning and teaching activities.

Case enhancements are teaching materials and resources that help educators to employ the ethics case studies and lead the activities referenced within them. Enhancements provide crucial guidance for those who may be teaching ethics-related material for the first time, or who are looking for new and different ways to integrate ethics into their teaching. They may take the form of discussion prompts, debate or role play scripts, technical content related to the ethical dilemma, worksheets, slides, or other similar materials.


Case enhancements:


Other resources & activities: 


Get involved: These case enhancements were created as part of the EPC’s Engineering Ethics toolkit that is intended to evolve and grow over time. Further content will be added or linked to in due course. We are actively inviting experts to submit case enhancements for review and possible inclusion in this toolkit. For more information, see our Get involved page.

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