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For example Sarah Jayne Hitt, Ph.D. SFHEA (NMITE, Edinburgh Napier University) or Professor Sarah Hitt (NMITE)
Try to sum up in one line what the case study is about. For example: 'Maintenance of an offshore wind farm' or 'Dealing with contracts or subcontracts with potential slave or forced labour'.
Note: We might change the title of your case study for marketing purposes.
Please note: you will be able to select more specific disciplines when you choose Keywords.
Keywords are the words and phrases associated with your case study that a user might search under when looking for this type of content. This is where you can add more specific engineering disciplines (see previous question), as well as keywords that focus on case study content, situation, materials, problems, solutions, and so on.
Note: These are the ethical issues that the dilemma(s) within your case study reveals.
Note: These reflect the professional situations that characters within your case study have to engage with.
Please select a level. A Beginner-level case is aimed at learners who have not had much experience in engaging with complex ethical topics, and usually focuses on only one or two dimensions of a dilemma. An Advanced-level case is aimed at learners who have had previous practice in engaging with ethical situations, and often addresses multiple levels of complexity. An Intermediate case is somewhere in between.
Note: This is the main outcome that you hope learners will gain from engaging with your case study.
Please consider the specific opportunities for learning and engagement that your case study offers, and select accordingly.
Please consider the specific opportunities for teaching and engagement that your case study offers, and select accordingly.
Please select the type of assessment criteria or suggestions that you have included within your case study.
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We need these to be uploaded separately, as we will be embedding them in a web page. Please ensure that they are of adequate resolution and size; that you have permission to use them; and that you have added any permissions, sources, credits or other details for them in the body of the case study document that you are submitting.
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Please do a final check before uploading!
If you are unsure, please check permissions and rights before submitting.
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