We want you! Become an Ethics Ambassador

Do you want to champion the teaching of ethics within engineering?
Do you want to help shape the future of the Engineering Ethics Toolkit?
Do you need support with integrating ethics into your own engineering teaching?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then you should join our new Ethics Ambassadors community.

Ethics Ambassadors was launched in March 2023 in order to expand and develop the work and recommendations of the Engineering Ethics Advisory Group, whose expertise and advocacy was instrumental during the creation and development of the Engineering Ethics Toolkit.

The aims of the Ethics Ambassadors community are:

  • to champion the teaching of ethics within engineering courses and modules;
  • to support educators integrating ethics teaching within engineering courses and modules;
  • to share best practice in engineering ethics teaching;
  • to identify and address needs within engineering ethics teaching;
  • to source, review, develop and publish new materials for the Engineering Ethics Toolkit.

An initial meeting of Ethics Ambassadors was held in June 2023 and we are currently in the process of nominating and voting for key roles within the community.

You can learn more about Ethics Ambassadors here.

To join Ethics Ambassadors, please fill out this Membership request form.

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