Media Release: Engineering Professors’ Council launches major new resource to transform sustainability in engineering education

Media release

18th March 2024

As part of a major initiative to ensure the engineers of tomorrow can rise to the challenges of the climate emergency, the Engineering Professors’ Council (EPC), with partners The Royal Academy of Engineering and Siemens Digital Industries Software, today launched a new Sustainability Toolkit to embed new greener approaches into engineering education.

The Sustainability Toolkit, unveiled today on the EPC website, serves as a valuable resource for educators working in engineering higher education. The toolkit includes 12 guidance articles, 18 different teaching resources including 5 case studies, and a library of links to sustainability communities and networks that promote collaborative efforts. It will operate as an open-access platform where users can also submit their own resources for review and inclusion. Additionally, it directs users to supplementary materials curated by a team of experts led by Professor Chris Wise FREng, Chair of the EPC’s Sustainability Toolkit Steering Group.

Professor Wise said: “Chairing the EPC Sustainability Toolkit Steering Group has been about our responsibility as engineers. More than just leading, it’s about inspiring a collective commitment to shaping our sustainable future. Through collaboration and our shared passion, we’re not only empowering the academic community, but also fostering a culture of environmental stewardship to transcend generations.”

Dr. Sarah Jayne Hitt, Project Manager for the Sustainability Toolkit, added: “As project manager for the new EPC Sustainability Toolkit, I am committed to equipping the next generation of engineers with the tools and mindset needed to address our planet’s most pressing challenges. It’s about fostering a culture of sustainability that transcends disciplines, inspiring students to become catalysts for positive change in their communities and beyond. Together, we’re not just shaping curricula, we’re shaping a more sustainable future.”

Johnny Rich, Chief Exec of the Engineering Professors’ Council said: “The engineering community must acknowledge our contribution to creating today’s climate emergency. But that also proves that we do have the power to change our planet. So, if we’re committed to building a more sustainable tomorrow, engineers will be the ones who create it. I’m immensely proud of our collaboration with Siemens and the Royal Academy of Engineering on the new EPC Sustainability Toolkit. We’re not just creating educational resources, we’re creating the engineers who will create our future.”

Crystal Nwagboso, Research and Editorial Executive/Analyst and Project Manager at the Engineering Professors’ Council said: “The Sustainability Toolkit is a vital resource for upcoming engineers to understand the prevalent challenges that our world faces today. It is a key tool that will help equip educators with the knowledge to embed sustainability in their teaching, enabling students to become a driving force behind transforming their prospective workplaces, neighbourhoods, and more. It has been a joy to work on the development of the Sustainability Toolkit and through its existence helping to shape the future of engineering education as we transition towards a more sustainable planet.”

Juliet Upton, Head of Education and Skills Policy at the Royal Academy of Engineering said: “Engineers of the future must be prepared to address sustainability issues at a time when we can no longer ignore them. Developing a capacity to make responsible, informed decisions regarding sustainability is crucial to the future of the engineering profession and the world.’’

Siemens Digital Industries Software recognises the urgent need for resources to enable educators to embed sustainability in curricula. Responding to that need, Siemens has engaged with the UK’s Engineering Professors’ Council (EPC) to support this much-needed Sustainability Toolkit.

The EPC will host a free introduction webinar, providing individuals with a comprehensive guide to the Toolkit’s resources on March 28th at 9.30am-11.00am.

The Sustainability Toolkit is a free-to-use suite of resources. It will sit alongside the EPC’s successful Engineering Ethics toolkit launched in 2022. To find out more about forthcoming Sustainability Toolkit webinars and workshops, visit the EPC website today.


Notes to editors  

  • The Engineering Professors’ Council (EPC) is the UK’s representative body for engineering academics in higher education.
  • The Royal Academy of Engineeringis harnessing the power of engineering to build a sustainable society and an inclusive economy that works for everyone. In collaboration with our Fellows and partners, we’re growing talent and developing skills for the future, driving innovation and building global partnerships, and influencing policy and engaging the public. Together we’re working to tackle the greatest challenges of our age.
  • Interviews available with Prof Chris Wise, Prof Sarah Hitt or Johnny Rich.


Contact: Lisa Chilcott


Phone: 07590 914666

24 hours: 0781 1111 4292


Twitter/X: @EngProfCouncil #SustainabilityToolkit #EngineeringSustainability

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