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The consortium of UK University Manufacturing and Engineering (COMEH) is an independent body established in 1978. Its main aim is to promote manufacturing engineering education, training and research. To achieve this, the consortium maintains a close liaison with government bodies concerned with the training and continuing development of professional engineers, while responding to appropriate consultative and discussion documents and other initiatives. COMEH is represented on the Engineering Professors’ Council (EPC) and it organizes and supports national manufacturing engineering education research conferences and symposia. The key event in the COMEH calendar is the annual ‘International Conference on Manufacturing Research’ (ICMR). Details of the 2016 ICMR.

The ICMR is normally held in the early part of September. For many years, it was a UK National Conference that had successfully brought academics and industrialists together to share their knowledge and experiences. The conference has developed as a major international event with a growing number of international delegates participating to exchange their research findings with UK researchers and practitioners.