About us

The Engineering Professors’ Council (EPC) is the representative body for engineering in higher education.  Our primary purpose is to provide  a forum at which engineers working in UK higher education can  exchange ideas about engineering education, research and other matters of common interest and to come together to provide an influential voice and authoritative conduit through which engineering departments’ interests can be represented to  key audiences such as funders, influencers, employers, professional bodies and Government.

We are a unique network: all branches of engineering are represented within the membership: Aeronautical, Civil, Chemical, Electrical, Electronic, Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering, as well as Minerals, Metallurgy and Marine Engineering and the broad areas of general engineering studies and those in which engineering is combined with a range of other topics. In some universities, frequently those where computing forms part of an Engineering School or Faculty, academic staff in Computer Science are also members. There are currently 84 institutional members encompassing c.7,000 academic staff (permanent FTE).   The Royal Academy of Engineering is also a member.

Our work is delivered via our Committees and working groups:

These are overseen by the main Committee on which elected representatives from across UK university engineering departments sit.

These sub Committees work on areas such as investigating the reasons underlying unemployment of graduate engineers and improving their employment chances, investigating the contribution of knowledge transfer capability in the academic selection and promotion process, influencing the content of pre 19 qualifications, particularly mathematics and physics and a whole range of other issues.

If your institution is not currently a member, then please do explore the website to understand more about the benefits of membership or simply  contact us for further information.

Professor Colin Turner, President