Maths for Engineering Feedback form

With generous support from the Gatsby Foundation, the EPC has been conducting a research project on the suitability of the mathematical content of T levels as a pathway to Engineering higher education. The findings can be found here.

This is the first phase of a project that will examine all the major level 3 qualifications that Engineering departments will commonly encounter in UK undergraduate applications and, it is intended, will result in a comparison tool to understand their content and relative strengths.

We are seeking feedback to ensure that the support for our members arising from this work is genuinely useful and would be grateful to you for completing this short survey.

Feel free to provide a job title, but we are more interested in understanding whether your role relates to admissions, curriculum design, access, departmental management, etc. In other words, why are T level qualifications relevant to your role?
Please feel free to name your institution, but if you wish to respond anonymously, it is fine merely to describe it eg. 'selective Russell Group uni with large engineering school', 'small, specialist alternative provider', etc.
This report analyses the mathematical content of T levels and the suitability for entry into an undergraduate Engineering degree.
What could we do to make this research more helpful to you in your role and better inform your understanding or decision-making?
The EPC is undertaking a further project to analyse the mathematical content of all major level 3 qualifications (eg. A levels, International Baccalaureate, BTECs, Scottish Highers, Welsh Baccalaureate, etc). Will this be useful to you and what would you like to see covered in this research?
Would you be willing to be interviewed in future research or perhaps join an advisory panel? Please describe how you would like to help.
Please include an email if you want to be contacted about this work in future.
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