What’s in the Sustainability Toolkit?

The EPC’s Sustainability Toolkit (supported by the Royal Academy of Engineering and Siemens) contains resources designed to help engineering educators integrate sustainability-related content into teaching.

Toolkit content is divided into: Knowledge tools, that users can access to improve their knowledge or find more information; Guidance tools, that allow users to learn how to do something; Teaching tools, to help users know what to integrate and implement; and Collaboration resources, that allow users to connect with and support others.

Finding just what you need in the toolkit is now easier than ever, with the release of the new Toolkit search function. The Toolkit search allows users to:

  • Select which toolkit(s) to search in;
  • Choose from a list of suggested keyword tags;
  • Search by multiple keyword tags or their own search terms;
  • Refine the search results by one of more of the following filters: engineering discipline; educational level; type of content.

If you haven’t yet explored the Sustainability Toolkit, now is a good time to take a look.

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