Siemens Blog: Siemens Skills for Sustainability Network supporting the development of new Sustainability Toolkit

Earlier this month, we provided updates on our Sustainability Toolkit at The Siemens Skills for Sustainability Network Global Online Gathering. A blog post about the event has been published by Siemens.

The first Siemens Skills for Sustainability Network global online gathering took place earlier this month. Siemens’ work with the network last year demonstrated the urgent need for resources to enable faculty to embed sustainability in their curricula. Responding to that need, Siemens is now working with the UK’s Engineering Professors’ Council (EPC) and the Royal Academy of Engineering to devise a much-needed Sustainability Toolkit.

Due for launch next year, the Toolkit is currently in development phase and will deliver an essential global resource for engineering educators to ensure graduates are fully equipped to take on sustainability challenges.

This gathering enabled Siemens and our partners to capture ideas and insights from a wide range of faculty representing many disciplines and countries. Participants were asked to consider what resources are currently available and what are the most urgent needs facing students and educators right now. Many of these ideas will inspire the content of the Toolkit.

Read the blog post in full on the Siemens website: Siemens Skills for Sustainable Network Supporting the Development of New Sustainability Toolkit

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