Engineers can become talented maths teachers…and support the profession of Engineering…and can earn £25k while they train

Mathematics is an essential component of an engineering education. In the past, a number of engineering students have found the application of mathematics to what is an essentially practical subject, of particular interest to them. In some cases this interest may only have started in their HE course as the role mathematics plays in engineering was revealed. Some of these engineers have combined their mathematical expertise with the knowledge of another domain, an engineering field, to become highly successful and motivational mathematics teachers. This motivation could benefit the need for more graduates in STEM disciplines by convincing pupils to further their studies in mathematics, perhaps eventually reading engineering or mathematics at University.

Three of the 91 Teacher Training Scholarships for 2013/14 and one of the 49 offered to date this year have been awarded to Engineering graduates. We are sure their combination of mathematical knowledge, passion for the subject and experience of how mathematics is used in a engineering environment will inspire their pupils. These Scholarships bring with them £25,000 tax free for the training year plus two years free membership of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, the London Mathematical Society, the Royal Statistical Society, MEI and the Mathematical Association. Membership brings publications, opportunities to attend conferences and access to resources as well as a professional recognition of the Scholars abilities. Scholars also become members of a community of practice with opportunities to share experiences and event workshops and of course have a very prestigious Scholarship for their CV.

Our message, which we want to communicate to engineering undergraduates, is that as graduates they can contribute to the profession of engineering in a possibly unexpected way, namely by inspirational mathematics teaching and raising the profile of engineering itself!

You can find details of scholarships here:

Prof. Nigel Steele

Honorary Secretary

Institute of Mathematics & its Applications

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