Engineering placements: After placement – Advice for universities and employers

The Engineering Placements Toolkit is designed to support higher education institutions and employers to enhance the experience and the value of students’ placements. Aligned with the Your Placement Journey Toolkit, designed for students, this toolkit aims to support the placement experience in three key stages: before, during and after placement.



Careers Service

  • Support students in writing up CV’s based on their recently acquired experience, knowledge and skills
  • Collect case studies and disseminate best practices

University Departments

  • Keep in contact with employers
    • Invite key links to become part of the Advisory Board


  • Write an exit reference at the end of the placement
  • Consider continuing engagement with the university:
    • offering placements for next years
    • becoming part of the Advisory Board
    • contributing to curriculum design
    • support employers in implementing future placements

Joint actions

  • Get feedback from the student at the end of the placement
  • Provide a final assessment record
  • Identify benefits and costs


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Any views, thoughts, and opinions expressed herein are solely that of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions, policies, or position of the Engineering Professors’ Council or the Toolkit sponsors and supporters.

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