Are there specific requirements an HEI needs to be aware of when planning the delivery of degree apprenticeships?

Degree Apprenticeships Toolkit

Degree Apprentices must be employed for a minimum of 30 hours per week and must have the right to live and work in the UK.  A Degree Apprentice cannot be self-employed and must be:

  • a new recruit or an existing employee where an employer intends to support the individual complete the apprenticeship;
  • employed in a real job and the employer must pay a wage/salary and financially contribute to the cost of training and accrediting the apprentice.

An employer must enter into an Apprenticeship Agreement when taking on a Degree Apprentice at the start of the Apprenticeship.  If the student leaves or otherwise loses their job (eg because of misconduct or redundancy) then the employer would normally be held liable for the full course fees.

 A proforma agreement can be found at:

A national certification system operates for Apprenticeship.  It is currently a legal requirement that this is followed.  This is a simple process and more information can be found at Apprenticeship Certificates in England (ACE).

National Minimum Wage rates


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