Membership subscription rates

Academic year 2022/23

It was agreed at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in May 2017 that the subscription rate going forward would be pegged to inflation (5.5% as of April 2022) and rounded to the nearest £25.

For corporate or professional institution membership categories, please contact us for a discussion.

UK higher education institutions – see table below.

Staff numbers greater than or equal to But less than 2022/23 rate (£)
   0   10 200
  10   40 600
  40   80 1,225
  80 120 1,800
120 160 2,400
160 200 3,000
200 3,575

Given that universities have to submit a staff return officially to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) each year, we use these data to both save our members a task and to ensure that our charging structure is consistently applied. 2022/23 rates will be based on the latest available data which is for academic year 2020/21.  The staff definition we plan to use is as follows:

Academic Professional FTE with an open-ended or permanent contract (teaching only or teaching plus research) in cost centres: (115) General engineering, (116) Chemical engineering, (117) Mineral, metallurgy & materials engineering, (118) Civil engineering, (119) Electrical, electronic & computer engineering and (120) Mechanical, aero & production engineering.

If however, you have reason to believe that this method will result in incorrect calculation of your subscription banding, please contact us and we will discuss adjustment.

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