Westminster Higher Education Forum event: Open access research and the future for academic publishing

Bringing together key stakeholders - including academics and university leaders, the publishing industry, science-based businesses, research councils and other research-funding organisations - with policymakers, this Westminster Higher Education Forum seminar will enable delegates to discuss the challenges and opportunities presented by a move to 'gold' open access policies for publicly-funded research, whereby authors pay a fee for publication. The wider impact of reforms to academic publishing will also be considered, including how the public's engagement with research can be improved, through, for example, the provision of walk-in access to journals in public libraries UK-wide. Delegates will also analyse whether or not domestic reforms could spur a move towards worldwide open access and the resulting effect this could have on the UK's competitive position in research and development. See http://www.westminsterforumprojects.co.uk/forums/event.php?eid=515 for more details or to book.  EPC members receive a 15% discount. Please contact us for the code.
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