Tomorrow’s Engineering Research Challenges: Webinar

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Join us and find out what Tomorrow’s Engineering Research Challenges will mean for you. This event is free and open to both EPC members and non-members.
To register, simply complete the registration form by clicking the 'Register' button, below. You may save the details of this event (including the Zoom link) to your calendar by clicking the 'Download to ics/ical' button.  

The Tomorrow’s Engineering Research Challenges report outlines the long-term outlook for how engineering research will aid in addressing important global challenges. Learn more about the results and have your say on the findings at this interactive webinar.

This webinar will provide you with the opportunity to:

⦁ Find out about the new research priorities.
⦁ Feedback to EPSRC and RAEng.
⦁ Hear how to adapt your strategies.

And more…

⦁ The report co-chairs will introduce the results and findings of the TERC report.
⦁ A panel will lead an discussion on the process of identifying the challenges sharing their insights and inviting responses.
• Gain insight into where funding for Engineering research could go in the future.
⦁ Learn how EPSRC and the RAEng plans to address the report’s recommendations.

This event is ideal for anyone involved in Engineering research, especially at a strategic level, who is looking to explore research opportunities that meet the needs of tomorrow.


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