Rep Support 2024: Session 2

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This online session is your perfect introduction to being an EPC representative: what it involves, what's in it for you, and how you can do the best job possible for your own benefit, for your colleagues' and for the whole engineering academic community. These sessions are important for all reps and so, in order to make attendance as convenient as possible, we shall run at least three sessions. They will all cover the same content so you only need to attend once. You can find links to the other sessions here: 23rd April or 22nd May. If none of those dates are convenient, contact us and, if there's demand, we'll schedule more. In just one hour, we will cover:
  • How the EPC is working for your institution
  • Why be an EPC rep?
  • What does being a rep involve?
  • How does the EPC support reps in their role?
  • All the latest news from the Engineering Professors' Council and the Engineering Academics Network
  • A quick guide to what's going on in the engineering education sector
  • Your questions

This online session will support EPC Representatives in member universities in their work, both as representatives of their colleagues and as engineering academics on the inside track of what’s going on in the sector nationally.

We hope that every EPC rep will find time to attend one of these Rep Support Sessions. We have scheduled three dates to make it more convenient for you to pick the date that suits you. The other available dates are 23rd April and 22nd May 2024. If none of these dates works for you, drop us an email and we’ll either schedule more or find another way to share the content with you.

Your hosts will be:

  • Professor John Mitchell, EPC President
  • Johnny Rich, Chief Executive
  • Rhian Todd, Administration and Memberships Manager

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Passcode: 221989

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