Recruitment and Admissions Forum 2013


The Recruitment and Admissions Forum took place at the Institution of Civil Engineers on 4th November 2013. Colleagues from the Royal Academy of Engineering, STEMNET, the IET, Engineering UK, and Mathematics in Education and Industry amongst others gave us their perspectives on recent trends and the impact of the very many changes in the education policy and funding environment which have taken place this year, their impact on recruitment of engineering students and some of the great work that's taking place to encourage the study of engineering in higher education.

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The annual report Engineering UK 2013: The State of Engineering, identified that in order to meet the future UK demand for engineers with Level 4+ skills, the UK needs to roughly double its output of students with Level 4+ qualifications. In May this year, Engineering Professors’ Council members considered the question: how long would it take for university departments to build the capacity to be able to accommodate a doubling of student numbers? Many pointed out that their answers were dependent on actions having been taken to improve the numbers and quality of applicants in the first instance…

This year’s Forum therefore takes a look at the outcome and likely implications of the various recent proposals to change the schools’ curricula, the emerging differences in the devolved administrations and the opportunity to talk to and engage with a range of organisations which are working to promote engineering as a career choice for school leavers. We’ll also have the latest results from the EPC members’ 2013 enrolments poll and plenty of opportunity to discuss experiences with colleagues.


Recruitment and admissions Forum 2013This is an essential event for Admissions Tutors, university Heads of Recruitment and Admissions, Science Outreach Officers and all of those interested in the recruitment of students to engineering in higher education.

Please scroll down to complete the booking form below. Ticket prices as follows: £60 (non members)/£50* (members) *20% members’ discount for multiple bookings from same institution Once your booking is received, you will receive a confirmation and an invoice will follow, containing your payment options.

We also provided a summary of the results of the EPC’s 2013/14 survey the enrolment experience of member institutions.

Please see the detailed schedule for this event, below.

Monday 4th November

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