RAEng event: Engineers 2030: Rethinking engineering and technology skills for the 21st century

To celebrate the launch of the Sustainability Toolkit on the 18th March 2024, we will be participating in a series of events to showcase this much-needed resource for integrating sustainability throughout engineering education.

In the first of two launch events for the Sustainability Toolkit*, we will be presenting at the 'Engineers 2030: Rethinking engineering and technology skills for the 21st century' event, co-created by the Royal Academy of Engineering and Engineers Without Borders UK, part of the Academy's wider Engineers 2030 project.


Please note that this event is now only available online. If you wish to join the event on Zoom please click here to register for online attendance.

Visit the Royal Academy of Engineering's website to learn more about this event.

*We will be holding an EPC webinar, Introducing the Sustainability Toolkit (on the 28th March), click here to register.

Empowering engineers with the skillsets to address the challenges created by climate change requires adapting both the technological and philosophical frameworks used in engineering education. This goal has been the subject of the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Engineers 2030 project, which aims to determine the foundational knowledge, skills and behaviours needed by engineers and technicians to meet 21st century global challenges and to understand the systems, cultures and policies currently in place in the UK to deliver this.

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