EPC Sectoral Group – Association of Aerospace Universities: student prize

As in the last two years, the AAU will be running the John Barnes Conference for students who have just completed an Individual Project on their degree; however, this year we are pleased to be holding it at the UK Aerodynamics Centre, Cranfield on Friday 24th October 2014.
We will continue with the very successful format whereby entrants have the opportunity to present at a full day’s conference. The winner will receive a certificate and a prize of £500. The two runners up will each receive a prize of £300. Over and above this, it will be an excellent experience to include on their CVs for all students involved as it provides an ideal opportunity to present their achievements to a technically broad audience drawn from a number of Universities and the aerospace sector more generally. It is this that provides the challenge of presenting work in a specialist area to non-specialists – a very important skill to develop. The process for entry will be as follows: Step 1: The AAU representative at each member institution, together with colleagues, will select up to two individual student projects. These may be at final year BEng/BSc, MEng (whether penultimate or final year) or taught MSc level. Step 2: The representative will submit a one page abstract, together with a copy of the project report (in electronic form if possible) to myself at my e-mail address below. Step 3: If the number of entries is large, a Panel made up of AAU representatives will be convened to shortlist from these submissions. All AAU members will be receive an invitation to join this panel. Step 4: The authors will be invited to present at the conference where each presenter will be given 25 minutes, including questions, to present their project. The Panel will then award the certificates and prizes to the winning student and runners up. The deadline for receipt of entries is Wednesday 9th July. If shortlisting is required, a Panel will then be convened and the outcome will be made known on Friday 25th July.
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