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Educating for Sustainability: Innovative engineering curriculum empowering students to develop sustainable solutions that drive the circular economy

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Siemens sees enormous concern for sustainable development amongst youth all over the world, but little direction or support dedicated to empowering them to solve the world’s challenges. This may be contributing to a sense of hopelessness which is, in turn, leading to diminishing enrollment and attrition in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) programs at the tertiary level. Siemens drives sustainable innovation by seamlessly combining the real and the digital worlds as digitalization is the key enabler of the circular economy. As a core tenant of its DEGREE framework, Siemens will enable the technical education of their customers’ future employees and peers to address global sustainability challenges.

Siemens aims to ”empower future engineers to combat global climate change by supporting the development of engineering curricula for sustainable design, sustainable production and the circular economy in industry!”

Receive additional information about this challenge during the Launch Event of the Tech for Sustainability Campaign (October 13th, 2022). For more information. please click here.

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