Call for participation: KU Leuven and SEFI PhD Summer School – Engineering And Science Education Research

The Summer School will provide an opportunity for PhD students engaged in engineering and science education research to learn from experts and their peers.
Please note: This is NOT an EPC-run event. Please click the 'Register' button below to be redirected to an external website to register for the event.

Students will participate in workshops led by experts, centred around aspects of research in engineering and science education research.

The Summer school is organised to foster discussion and thus numbers will be limited to 40 students to facilitate a comfortable environment.

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To view the flyer click here.

In this second edition, you will be guided through the full research design process:

A solid research base at the start ensures a strong PhD in the following year:

  • Selection of a research design, literature review, the use of theory, the purpose statement and formulating good research questions.

An inclusive methodological approach:

  • Introduction to different qualitative and quantitative methods with workshops around organising focus groups and interviews, survey design or interventions with a specific attention to inclusive research.

Obtaining results and drawing conclusions:

  • Overcoming barriers or the easy part?

Make your findings relevant:

  • Dissemination to the wider public

You will have the opportunity to engage with the engineering education community, to present your current research and to receive feedback from other students and experts.

All sessions have a highly interactive format, facilitating exchange of ideas and opinions in general or in the context of the participants’ research and projects.

You will be required to prepare work before the summer school and to engage in exercises each day to prepare for in-depth discussion of specific topics

The cost for each participant is €750, €850, or €1050 which includes:

  • full summer school participation,
  • accommodation during four nights (triple, double or single occupation)
  • and all meals (breakfasts, lunches, dinners and coffee breaks).

More information can be found on the website. 

PhD students conducting research in engineering and science education are invited to apply via the following website.

Deadline for registration is: 5 April 2023

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