The UK & Ireland EERN is pleased to announce that their Annual Symposium is back ‘live and in person’ following their virtual events of recent times.

This year’s Symposium will be hosted by WMG, University of Warwick. Building on the success of their previous events, colleagues are invited to submit abstracts for presentation at: The Student Experience: From Evolution to Revolution? The contribution of pedagogical research in enhancing engineering education.

The event itself is NOT an EPC-run event. Once more details are available you will be able to click the ‘Register’ button below to be redirected to an external website to register.

We are delighted to announce that bookings are now being taken for our annual flagship event, EAN Annual Congress. The 2023 Congress theme is New Models, embodied in the fabric of our host, NMITE, who welcome us to Hereford from 12th to 14th June.


There will be a meeting of the EES committee taking place Tuesday 19th September at 11am.

There will be a meeting of the EES committee taking place Wednesday 21st June at 10.30am.

There will be a meeting of the Congress Steering Group taking place Thursday 13th April at 10am.

There will be a meeting of the EAN Task & Finish Group taking place 5th May at 10am.

Join EPC’s resident sector data expert, Stella Fowler, to introduce the new member-only Data explorer through the lens of the latest HESA student enrolments data.

Every year, HESA update their subscription services – we have extracted the engineering highlights so you don’t have to.

There will be a meeting of the RA committee taking place Monday 3rd April 2023 at 10am.

There will be a meeting of the Sustainability Toolkit Steering Group on Wednesday 15th March 2023 from 12.00 pm-1.30 pm

ALT South #TechThursdays – Directed study, ChatGPT led independent study and Exam revision

Join the ALT South #TechThurdays event with Dr. Manish Malik and Dr. Jebraeel Gholinezhad from the University of Portsmouth to learn about an inclusive innovation, Examopedia – the collaborative exam revision service that has helped academics improve teaching and support ALL students since 2007. With closed book exams returning back after the pandemic, students are in need of extra practice and support to succeed. Examopedia provides the perfect solution, offering an innovative approach to exam preparation that has already been successfully used in one engineering school before the pandemic. It can also support staff and students where open book exams are continuing to be used. By tapping into the cultural and social capital through the use of ChatGPT, Examopedia promotes independent study, improving students’ confidence and overall academic performance for ALL students regardless of their academic background.

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