What’s in the EPC Degree Apprenticeships Toolkit?

In September 2015 the first university-business co-developed Degree Apprenticeship programmes were launched. The EPC Degree Apprenticeships Toolkit contains information on requirements and design, getting started, the whats and whys, frequently asked questions, and a case study.

Finding just what you need in the toolkit is now easier than ever, with the release of the new Toolkit search function. The Toolkit search allows users to:

  • Select which toolkit(s) to search in;
  • Choose from a list of suggested keyword tags;
  • Search by multiple keyword tags or their own search terms;
  • Refine the search results by one of more of the following filters: engineering discipline; educational level; type of content.

If you haven’t yet explored the EPC Degree Apprenticeships Toolkit, now is a good time to take a look.

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