What can academics do about the physics teacher crisis, and is it their job to do it?

Engineering academics are in a strong position to influence undergraduate students into teaching, which – as academics know – can be a fulfilling and rewarding careers. The EPC is working with the Institute of Physics and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers to understand the role of engineering academics in supporting physics teaching as a career.

Each year, there is a shortfall of engineers entering the sector because there are not enough Engineering graduates. And there aren’t enough graduates because there aren’t enough Engineering students. And there aren’t enough students because there aren’t enough pupils taking feeder A levels – particularly Physics.

And not enough pupils because we have reached crisis point in the availability of Physics teachers. Many school pupils simply can’t choose Physics because there are no teachers – especially in disadvantaged schools.

Is the solution for more Engineering graduates to become Physics teachers – even if that means the shortfall into professional engineering becomes even worse in the short term?

Members of Engineering Academics Network are invited to complete a short survey (< 5 minutes) by 12th January 2024.

Everyone who completes the survey by the deadline will be entered into a prize draw and 5 winners will be selected at random to receive a £50 book voucher. Thank you for your support.

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