Welcome to EPC Online

After more than three years in planning, we are delighted to welcome you to the EPC’s new digital platform.

This new website and integrated membership services platform will transform the way our members interact with the EPC, network with other Engineering academics across the UK, and get news, resources and data to support your work.

This is so much more than just a new website.

Through My EPC, you can manage your personal profile, join communities, take part in discussions and customise the communications you get from the EPC to ensure they’re always relevant and timely.

The websites selects articles and content tailored to your needs and interests, drawing from over 10 years of content including hundreds of reports, features, toolkits and datasets.

Perhaps most excitingly, this new platform allows us to realise our ambition to create the Engineering Academics Network – a series of virtual communities where you can share ideas, concerns and good practice, collaborate, find support or recommendations, discuss and connect with colleagues across the UK and beyond.

The Engineering Academics Network is under the umbrella of the EPC, which remains the outward-facing, strong voice for engineering academics. Meanwhile the Network is our inclusive community of individuals at all stages in their career.

Key features

Here are some of the key features of EPC Online, many of which are exclusive to members:

  • My EPC: Create your personal profile – the more details you provide, the more the website will learn to direct you to the content you want. Here you can also manage your membership of the EPC and representatives in institutional members can manage and add new members. You can bookmark resources you find useful, see your events and take part in online discussions. There is more functionality to look forward to coming over the next few weeks.
  • Network: The members of the EPC are institutions like universities and, when they join the EPC, all their Engineering academic staff automatically get full membership of the Engineering Academics Network – a circle of colleagues from early career academics to senior leaders who can ask for and offer support, ideas, collaboration.
  • Communities: Within the Engineering Academics Network, there are communities of common interest. Some of these are specific to individual engineering disciplines and some, like the Engineering Education Research Network are communities with a common interest in improving teaching and learning. These communities run events, host discussions and share resources.
  • Topics: The rich treasury of content on EPC Online is all indexed by topics, so you can find and follow whatever interests you.
  • News and events: New content will be added to the site continuously and this is the best place to find out about the EPC’s range of in-person events and webinars and book your place. There is more functionality to look forward to coming over the next few weeks.
  • Data explorer: We have crunched and analysed key datasets, including some exclusive to the EPC, and drawn out everything you need to know about Engineering higher education, arranged according to themes, topics and burning questions, displayed in interactive charts and tables with downloads and key takeaways – all exclusive to members. There is more functionality to look forward to coming over the next few weeks.
  • Toolkits: To support our members to always be the best they can be, we have created a range of toolkits on engineering ethics, collaboration with industry, placements, degree apprenticeships, and much else besides.
  • Discussions: Share ideas and good practice, voice concerns and be heard, debate and learn.
  • Campaigns: The EPC is the voice of engineering academics. Through our campaigns, you can see what we’re saying on your behalf and make your voice heard to ensure we’re arguing for you, whether in consultation responses or our pro-active campaigns.
  • Publications: Browse through a library of EPC publications. You will be able to access exclusive EPC content or explore our archived publications. There is more functionality to look forward to coming over the next few weeks.
  • Consultations: The EPC responds to a variety of consultations from Government, the funding councils and other stakeholders, representing the views and interests of all the membership. There is more functionality to look forward to coming over the next few weeks.




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