UK engineering giants collaborate to support economic growth

Leading technology businesses, engineering bodies, and the government are to collaborate on a campaign to support growth in UK engineering businesses and promote engineering careers.

Engineering for Growth is a partner campaign led by the Royal Academy of Engineering. The partners are Atkins, BAE Systems; EADS; Lucite International; Rolls-Royce; McLaren Group; National Grid; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council; Technology Strategy Board; Institution of Chemical Engineers; the Institution of Engineering; and Technology and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.  Engineering for Growth will demonstrate the economic impact and societal benefits delivered by engineering, which contributes £481bn in added value to the UK economy and employs over 5.4 million people. Crucially, Engineering for Growth and its partners will collaborate to identify and debate some of the biggest challenges facing UK engineering today and in the future. This includes addressing the engineering skills gap that will otherwise have significant consequences for the nation’s capacity for growth; ensuring that the UK has a well funded and world-class research base; and cultivating an entrepreneurial culture to help new ideas translate into marketable products and services.

The Engineering for Growth website, which acts as a central hub for partner news and Engineering for Growth activities and events, also offers resources such as images and industry statistics which members may find helpful in developing student recruitment materials.

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