Research grants and contracts income

Research grants and contracts income tells us about the sources of research funding. In 2017–18, 23.4% of UK research funding came from international sources. EU funding, which makes up more than half of the UK’s international funding, has increased by 5.4% since 2016–17.

Engineering research grants and contracts data for 2017/18 can now be downloaded as a research grants and contracts beta dashboard pending the launch of the new EPC website.

For the most up to date commentary, please see the March 2019 EPC briefing on the impact of Brexit on engineering research funding.

A briefing is available to download, and we have examined in additional depth some of the implications for different engineering disciplines and regions. You can also download a dynamic extract of the 2016/17 HESA data used for this analysis.

HESA has published a suite of tables showing the income of higher education providers broken down by source, including academic cost centre. These are available on the HESA website.

Older data (the previous EPC degree classification summary from 2007/8 to 2014/15) can still be accessed here [edit: this data is no longer available], but is no longer being updated. Please note that changes to the HESA fixed file and the introduction of HEIDI Plus have led to some small changes in the historic data. The research grants and contracts beta dashboard contains the data most recently published by HESA.


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