Perkins Review – university-business interaction survey…please help…

The Perkins Review’s Task and Finish Group on developing university-business interaction led by Professor Julia King FREng is examining how relationships might be developed to even better ensure that students are equipped with the skills they need to gain employment in engineering and that more who study engineering, go on to develop careers in the sector. The group recognises that there is already lots of excellent practice around the sector with a range of innovative engagement types. While it has benefited from a range of input from individual universities, it wishes to ensure that the input is as broad and comprehensive as possible and is not missing key activities which would benefit the engineering community. It has therefore composed a questionnaire which it invites you to complete. As there may be differences in practice not only between universities but between departments and disciplines within the same university, they would appreciate the questionnaire being completed for each engineering discipline (e.g. civil engineering, mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering etc.) within your university. Also, where your university has an industrial liaison office or similar, it would be very helpful to have them complete the questionnaire as well. Input from the Careers Service would also be useful. So, please do circulate this as widely as possible. It’s short and should take no more than 5-10 minutes of your time (unless you have lots to add in the comments boxes !) You may access the survey here:


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