OfS call for evidence on positive outcomes for students studying on a modular basis

The EPC position on this consultation can be found here.

The Lifelong Loan Entitlement (LLE) will be introduced for the 2025-26 academic year enabling student loan support for individual modules. In preparation for this change, the OfS has called for evidence from the sector to inform its thinking (and subsequent formal sector consultation in 2024) on how to regulate the LLE. They have signalled an intention to align LLE regulation with HE regulation in general, but it is expected that any provider that wishes to access LLE funding for its students would have to be registered with the OfS (not just those they currently regulate).

In particular, we’re being asked to think about how the B3 Outcomes measures will work for short courses. The intention of the LLE is to give people the opportunity to study, train, retrain and upskill throughout their lives, so its introduction is expected to drive a move away from complete qualifications in favour of part-time study across multiple subjects and providers. In this context, the B3 outcome measures of “continuation”, “completion”, and “progression” become more tricky.

The sector is invited to comment on these changes (in more detail) within the context of OfS’ policy aims by 2 November. We welcome EAN member comments to the consultation questions below to inform an EPC response.

Additionally, in anticipation of OfS regulation along these lines, the Office for Students is also consulting on the introduction of Higher Technical Qualifications (HTQs) data in the sector data, which means a decoupling from ‘other undergraduate’ courses).

Please let us have your thoughts on both of these consultations by 9th October.

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