OfQual AS and A Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics consultation on Conditions and Guidance

View the consultation here.

Read the EPC’s response here.


This consultation ran from December 2015 to January 2016.

This consultation is about the rules and guidance we need to put in place for new AS and A levels in mathematics and further mathematics. These rules apply to qualifications in these subjects that will first be taught from September 2017.

This consultation also includes two proposed new appendices to the subject content – covering mathematical notation and formulae which students will be expected to know. Since these appendices relate to the subject content, they have been produced by the Department for Education (DfE), in conjunction with the A Level Content Advisory Board (ALCAB). OfQual is consulting on these on behalf of DfE. They have been included in this consultation so that stakeholders can see all the proposals in one place, and only need to respond to a single consultation.

OfQual’s proposals reflect the DfE’s subject content for new AS and A level mathematics and further mathematics, which was developed by ALCAB with the aim of changing how these subjects are taught and assessed.

To support these proposed changes, and the development of good examinations which reflect them, OfQual set up the A level Mathematics Working Group – an expert panel including representatives off ALCAB, subject associations, teachers and exam boards. Alongside this consultation, we are publishing the working group’s report and advice on the assessment of mathematical problem solving and modelling, as well as the use of large data sets in statistics.

The working group’s report has no formal regulatory status. We used it as a main source of evidence when developing the proposals in this consultation. Exam boards will also be able to draw on their involvement in the group, and reflect on its advice, when developing their specifications and sample assessment materials.

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