Office for Students consultation on a new approach to regulating student outcomes (changes to B3 baseline)

View the consultation here.

Read the EPC’s response here.


The Office for Students OfS issued three related consultations in February 2022 with detailed proposals on their approach to regulating quality and standards in higher education.

As the three consultations were extremely long and detailed, the EPC produced brief summaries of each of the consultations’ key points to help distill the detail for our members (with thanks to London Higher for their starting point summary) and an introduction to the general policy implications for engineering.

Each consultation stood alone; the EPC produced two member surveys to ensure the EPC’s response to the consultations was fully representative: one on quality and standards (B3) and one on excellence (TEF). Where we thought there was a particular relevance to engineering, we also included some general questions on the detailed metric proposals; and asked members to skip these if they were too technical in nature or provide details where they thought we should be making more technical comments.

Further information: links to the consultations themselves are included below, and the OfS has provided introductory video presentations about each of the consultations and recorded events and slide packs on their website.

  1. Full consultation on a new approach to regulating student outcomes (changes to B3 baseline) – Summary of consultation
  2. Full consultation on the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) – Summary of consultation
  3. Full consultation on constructing student outcome and experience indicators for use in OfS regulation – Summary of consultation
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