Introducing the EAN Briefing

We are thrilled to announce EPC’s new, dynamic Engineering Academics Network Briefing, our members’ Bulletin service within the EPC Online – our new website and integrated membership services platform.

This is more than just an EPC newscast, it’s just one of many ways we’re transforming the way members of our network of Engineering academics interact with us and with each another, and get news, resources and data to support your work. The EAN Briefing is one of a range of communications which replace the Bulletin and ad hoc mailings that you may previously have been subscribed to.

  • Over time, the Briefing will become more personalised, learning what’s most relevant to you and what’s most interesting. This means it’s goodbye to the old bulletins that you had to wade through to find the goodies designed for you.
  • Through My EPC, you are in control of what you want to see and how often.
  • Alongside the Briefing, you’ll receive other occasional communications from us about membership events, communities, discussions and your membership status.

All members of the Engineering Academics Network will receive the first Briefing and we ask you to review your preferences to let us know how often you’d like to receive them.

To do this, please log in to My EPC to manage your personal profile, customise the communications you receive from us, join communities and take part in discussions. You can update the frequency of the messages you receive at any time. For example, you may want to receive a Briefing daily, weekly or monthly.

Of course, you can choose not to receive the Briefing at all or to opt out of any other lists personalised to your interests. But before you do that, please bear in mind that the Briefing will get better at sending you only the content you find most interesting, drawing from over 10 years of content including hundreds of reports, features, toolkits and datasets. So you might want to refine, rather than reject, this service to you.

Our mailings are always to inform you of benefits of your membership, keep you informed of our activities on your behalf, and share what’s new. You are automatically a member of the Engineering Academics Network as you (or your employer) have told us that you are an Engineering academic working in a university or institution that is a member of the EPC. Membership for you is totally free. There are no extra fees and no obligations – it’s just a perk of your institution’s EPC membership. Welcome to the EAN!

We use your information to provide membership services in the legitimate interests of the EPC (and your university) and for no other purpose. Our primary purpose is to provide a forum at which engineers working in UK higher education can exchange ideas about engineering education, research and other matters of common interest and come together to provide representation to key audiences such as funders, influencers, employers, professional bodies and government.

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