Guest blog: AI and professional registration

Catherine Elliott, Education and Skills Manager, Engineering Council

Although Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not new, recent technologial advances mean that it is more readily accessible than ever before. The DfE recent call for evidence on generative AI in education concluded that this poses opportunities and potential risks for providers. The EPC responded to the consultation highlighting evidence of ways AI is used in Engineering higher education; the positive outcomes of greater use and sophistication of generative AI; ways in which the DfE could support the possibilities; and challenges that need efforts from all involved.

The Engineering Council’s Artificial Intelligence Working Group is now keen to understand academics’ experiences of AI in your Department and we have partnered with the EPC to conduct a brief survey. Your insights may inform the next review of Engineering Council Standards in the contexts of professional registration and recognised (approved or accredited) programmes. This includes:

Individual responses will be shared only with the EPC and the Engineering Council, and will be anonymous unless you indicate that you are willing to be contacted further by the Engineering Council about your responses.

Please respond to as many or as few of the questions below as you are able by 17th June.

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