Fellowships for Growth: Building UK Leadership in Engineering

Professor John Perkins’ review of engineering skills has now been published. He endorsed the widely accepted view that engineers add flexibility and resilience to our economy, enable people to take advantage of the new opportunities that technological change presents and give the UK an advantage in the global race.

As part of EPSRCs programme of support for leaders and influencers in engineering, up to £9 million has been made available to support between 10 and 15 new fellowships. These early and established career fellowships will be targeted at three of the UK’s great technologies: advanced materials, robotics and autonomous systems, and synthetic biology.  In addition to these new fellowships, EPSRC Engineering theme welcomes fellowships proposals in a number of priority areas at any time. Details of all the other priority areas are available on the EPSRC website.  All applications must be made within the spirit of the existing EPSRC fellowship framework and must reflect EPSRC’s stated person specification for early or established careers. Note that bespoke process steps are in place in this call which differ from EPSRC’s standard fellowships approach. Closing date for expressions of interest: 11 December, 2013.

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