Consultation on reform of GCSE, AS and A level Electronics qualifications

Dear all,

It was announced this morning that DfE has confirmed that the development work for the reformed GCSE, AS and A level Electronics qualifications will continue through to the next phase of consultation.  As of 10am this morning, the DfE is consulting on revised subject content, and, in parallel, Ofqual is consulting on proposals for assessment arrangements. I guess this should be of interest to RASC.

Please find links to both below:

Ofqual consultation

DfE consultation

I was involved in the initial discussions in the spring, so I probably shouldn’t comment! There was a fear that Electronics would be dropped because of overlap with Physics and Maths. Electronics is the only STEM subject in this batch. I should also point out that there is an overlap between GCSE and A-Level – this is unavoidable because the schools that do teach the subject can only make this cost-effective if the do both. It should not be assumed that most students will do both.

Best wishes

Mark Zwolinski


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