Compensation and Condonement: Feedback to proposed accreditation regulations

Read the EPC’s response here


In May 2020, the Engineering Council updated its policy on compensation and condonement, which resulted in new rules being put in place for new cohorts on accredited programmes starting from September 2022. The EPC published a guest blog by the Engineering Council’s Education and Skills Manager to explain the changes and also offered feedback to the Engineering Council following an initial flurry of member concerns. The Engineering Council’s response is available here.

Some EPC members have continued to express concerns that these accreditation changes present significant challenges for their engineering departments, giving examples of where their (planned) implementation has prompted shifts in approach that may be neither intended consequences of the changes nor desirable.

To understand if this is a widespread problem, in March 2021, the EPC asked each member university’s representative to comment on the new rules. Where challenges were identified, we asked for specific examples of these so we could present any evidence to the Engineering Council. Meanwhile, the Engineering Council are conducting a review of their new policy and associated guidance and expect to make recommendations following a meeting on 2nd July. (Note this does not mean that anything is necessarily going change).

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