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The OBHE’s January newsletter highlights its new report: The Global Race for STEM skills.   It reminds us that the sector often appears to lobby for change in current immigration policy on the basis of the lost revenue from overseas students, but that the importance of international talent as a driver for innovation and economic growth is a far more powerful argument. In a recent speech, the Home Secretary, Theresa May, announced changes to the post-study options available to PhD and MBA students coming to the UK to study.  Stating that the UK government is committed to encouraging the brightest minds to come to study in Britain, Ms May announced that, from April 2013, all PhD students will be allowed to stay in the UK for twelve months following the completion of their studies in order to find skilled work or set up as entrepreneurs.  All very well, but members report a glitch in the system – what about PhD students whose Visa runs out between submission and viva?  As there not officially students any more, they’re not eligible to remain…

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