PHEE 2005 Conference

The 2005 PHEE Conference, in conjunction with PHOMME (Professors and Heads of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering) was held at the IET Savoy Place, London on 12th January 2005.

Conference Programme
EC(UP) Spec for Output Standards Prof Kel Fidler University of Northumbria and EC(UK)
IEE Interpretation and Accreditation Prof Peter Hicks University of Manchester and IEE
IEE Interpretation Jonathan Ling IEE
Engineering Professors’ Council Prof Fred Maillardet
Measuring Quality in Engineering Research Phil Ruffles Royal Academy of Engineering  
HEFCE Perspective Ed Hughes HEFCE
RAE2008 Process Prof Steve Williamson UoA 28 E&EE) Chair
Role of IEE Prof John O’Reilly IEE
The World of SETNET Yvonne Baker SETNET
The Power Academy Bill Fenton The Power Academy