Degree apprenticeships – devolved administrations

At the time of writing (May, 2016) the situation in the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish administrations is as follows:


In Scotland, Degree Apprenticeships are part of the Modern Apprenticeship framework and are known as Graduate Level Apprenticeships.

  • Individuals who participate in the scheme are able to access the same learning opportunities as those who go down the traditional route of direct entry into college or university.
  • Apprentices can progress to the highest level of professional qualifications with a range of entry and exit points from a Higher National Diploma (SCQF level 8)) to a Master’s degree (SCQF level 11).
  • The apprenticeships are part funded by participating employers, which means they are only available to their employees.

More information:

They will be available from 2016 and will focus initially on ICT/Digital, Civil Engineering and Engineering.

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The different higher education fee levels in Wales make the situation somewhat different to England.  This document makes it clear that apprenticeships are not funded for Wales and the only relevance thus appears to be for Welsh students pursuing an apprenticeship in England.

Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland, the term “Higher level apprenticeships (HLAS)” covers what are known in England as Degree Apprenticeships and offer on-the-job training and off-the-job learning at higher levels, including Foundation Degrees (level 5), Honours Degrees (Level 6), and post-graduate awards (Level 7-8).  NB they include Level 8 (PhD) which they explicitly do not in England.

Pilot activity is currently underway with 50 employers in the following priority sectors:

  • Life Sciences
  • Insurance
  • International Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • Engineering
  • Building Gas Management
  • ICT
  • Business Technology
  • Sustainable Construction
  • Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Animation, Film and Video
  • Social media and Digital Marketing
  • Professional Services