ACED Conference 2012

The ACED Annual Conference was held on 18-19 October 2012  at the Mary Rose Museum, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard


Session 1a – Attitudes to Assessment (Panel Session)
Educationalist view – Yaz El-Hakim, Winchester
Directorate view – Rebecca Bunting, Deputy VC, Portsmouth
Recent Graduate view – Cathy Nickell, HOP, Hove

Session 1b – Assessment Implementation
Encouraging a reduction in assessment – Mark Davison, Nottingham Trent
Formative assessment and engagement – Bob Lark, Cardiff
JBM Guidance on assessment – Dominic Fox, Portsmouth

Engineering Gateways – Deborah Seddon, Engineering Council
Further and work-based learning – Peter Theobald, Cardiff
Part-time undergraduate provision – Peter Mills, Wolverhampton

Session 3 – Realism in Project Work
Group work, industrial realism, technical realism – John Davies, Coventry
The student and graduate view – Peter Courtenay (Portsmouth Student),
Matthew Curtis (Portsmouth Graduate), Eleanor Fosberry (Southampton
Graduate), Deepu Prabhakaran (Portsmouth Graduate)

Session 4 – Interest Group Breakouts

Friday 19 October
Session 5 – Engineering Professors’ Council Update – Professor Simon Hodgson, Vice President EPC, Teesside

Session 6 – Transition From School
Why students fail – a social science perspective – Paul McVeigh, Portsmouth
Careers advice – Alan Bullock, Careers Consultant

Alan Bullock’s supporting documents:

The Monday Interview

Adviser Consensus

Statutory Careers Guidance for Schools
HE STEM Transition project findings – Christine Keenan, Bournemouth

Session 7 – Higher Apprenticeships
Construction Operations Management – Adrian Anderson, University Vocational Awards Council & Barbara Workman, Middlesex

Session 8 – International Study and Work Experience
International campuses and inward credit – John Owen, Nottingham
International work experience – Scott McCabe, Astrium