Student outcome and experience indicators: summary of OfS proposals


February 2022

The OfS proposals for regulating student outcomes and the TEF involve using detailed data and analytical evidence to inform their regulatory judgements. The focus of this consultation is on the technical aspect of the outcomes; how the data thresholds and indicators proposed are constructed, presented and interpreted. 
This consultation also brings the OfS Access & Participation data dashboards into scope, to establish consistency and alignment of indicators and their parameters across the B3 conditions, TEF and the Access & Participation dashboards (despite differences in their coverage). It is proposed to continue with an update of the latter in Spring 2022, then publish another version later in 2022 following consultation on these measures. TEF data will be updated annually.

Implications for engineering

The EPC has, through its Engineering Education, Employablity and Skills Committee, prepared some initial thoughts on the potential implications on engineering HE. Read our summary here.

Further information

You can read the full OfS consultation and watch introductory video presentations here. You can watch the recorded OfS consultation / Q&A event here.

Complete our survey

The EPC is conducting a full member consultation. Please submit your view via the student outcomes survey here and the TEF survey here.


  • The consultation proposes a continued use of the indicators that currently inform assessments of condition B3 and TEF awards, and of the regulation of access and participation, with some changes:
  1. ‘Measures of continuation, completion and progression’ – i.e. student outcomes indicators – are proposed as the continuing basis for assessments of condition B3.
  2. TEF assessments will draw on both student outcomes and student experience indicators (measures of continuation, completion, progression, and student experience.
  3. Regulation of access and participation will continue to use access and outcomes indicators (‘measures of access, continuation, degree outcomes and progression’)
  • The consultation proposes the introduction of a completion measure alongside continuation.
  • It proposes to measure progression using data from Graduate Outcomes (for which data exists for two cohorts currently – 2017-18 and 2018-19).
  • International students do not feature in the Access and Participation data dashboard student populations, but they do in some of the populations used to assess B3/make TEF awards. The proposal is to exclude them from the calculation of progression measures, with a commitment to review this in future.