Sectoral groups

The parent bodies of the Committee for Engineering in Polytechnics (CEP) at the time of its formation in 1981 were four existing Standing Conferences of Polytechnic Heads of Department in civil engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical and production engineering and process and materials engineering.

CEP established a successful annual conference in November of each year, to which all members of the Standing Conferences were invited. The Standing Conferences also maintained their own programmes of activities since they had established themselves as valuable communities of interest.  The Standing Conferences were re-constituted as Sectoral Groups of the Engineering Professors’ Council following its establishment as a result of the merger of the Engineering Professors’ Conference and the Committee for Engineering in Polytechnics in 1994.

The Sectoral Groups with links (if individual websites exist) may be found below:


  Aerospace Engineering Association of Aerospace Universities
 HCEUK-logo-web Chemical Engineering Heads of Chemical Engineering, UK
Civil Engineering Association of Civil Engineering Departments
  Computing The Council of Heads and Professors of Computing
  Electrical & Electronic Engineering Professors and Heads of Electrical Engineering
PHOMME logo Mechanical Engineering Professors and Heads of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
 Comeh logo Manufacturing Engineering The Consortium of UK University Manufacturing and Engineering