ACED Constitution

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This document incorporates modifications agreed at the Annual Meetings in Edinburgh, 19th/20th October 1995, in London, 17th/18th October 1996 and those proposed for the meeting in Belfast in October 1999.


1. Definitions

The following terms have special meanings which are defined in the relevant sections of the Constitution.

  • Member of the Association, Membership or Member.
  • The Electorate.
  • Committee Member
  • Officer of the Association.

2. Title
The Association of Civil Engineering Departments (ACED)

3. Objectives
These are:

3.1 To promote excellence in the teaching of Civil Engineering students and in the activity of Civil Engineering research.

3.2 To provide a forum for debate about important issues.

3.3 To initiate enquiries or investigations on matters of concern to the Membership.

3.4 To represent the interests of the Membership at the Engineering Professors’ Council, CIC and other bodies agreed by the committee.

4. Membership
The Members of the Association, otherwise known as the Members or the Membershipare:

4.1 Heads of Subscribing Departments of Civil Engineering* or their nominee.

4.2 Ex-Heads of Subscribing Departments.

4.3 Other individuals who are or have been closely involved with Civil Engineering education

*The term ‘Department of Civil Engineering’ includes any Department, School or other Course Unit in the United Kingdom whose function is to administer degree courses in Civil Engineering or in subjects in which Civil Engineering forms the major component.

5. The Electorate
The Electorate shall consist of the Membership class 4.1 only. There shall be only one vote per department.

6. The Committee of the Association
The Committee of the Association shall consist of the Officers of the Association and not more than four members.

The Committee of the Association may invite not more than three additional persons to join them. These Additional Members must normally be Members of the Association and their attachment to the committee will lapse after twelve months unless the invitation is specifically renewed by the committee.

7. Officers of the Association
The Officers of the Association shall be the Chair, the Immediate Past Chair, the Chair-Elect, the Secretary and the Treasurer.

8. Elections Officers and Committee of the Association.
The Chair-Elect and not fewer than two full committee members shall normally be elected annually. The Secretary and the Treasurer shall be elected at intervals not exceeding three years.

Candidates for election must be Members of the Association and they must be nominated and seconded by members of the Electorate.

If an election contest is necessary, the selection of the Officers and Committee shall be made either:

(a) by election at the AGM (subject to a quorum), or

(b) by a postal ballot of the Electorate (the results of which shall be determined by a simple majority),

9. Term of Office
The Secretary, the Treasurer, and the Full Committee Members may serve for three years without re-election.

The Chair and Chair-Elect shall normally serve for one year, after which he/she will become the Chair, subject to the approval of the AGM. After completion of his/her term of office, the Chair may serve on the committee for a further year (or two years) asImmediate Past Chair. Exceptionally (and specifically when the post of Chair-Elect has not been filled) the Chair may serve for two years.

10. The Annual General Meeting
The Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held once in each calendar year. A quorum shall be not less than 30% of the Electorate.

At the AGM the results of the election will be announced and confirmed (if this has not been done in advance of the meeting). The incoming Officers and Committee will take office at an appropriate moment during the AGM.

The Secretary will provide a report of the activities of the Association.

The Treasurer will provide a statement of the financial position of the Association, for the approval of the AGM.

11. Extra-ordinary General Meetings
These may be called at the request of the Officers and Committee, or at on the written request of not fewer than six Members of the Association (who may or may not include some of the Officers and Committee).

12. Additional Meetings
The Officers and Committee may arrange additional meetings on topics of interest to the membership, from time to time.

13. The Subscriptions
The Subscriptions shall be payable annually by members of the Electorate on or before1st January.

The amount of the subscription will be determined by the Officers and Committee each year. The Secretary will notify subscribers of the amount of the subscription in writing at the time of the annual elections.

The new subscription will take effect in the following January.

14. The Cost of Meetings
The cost of meetings shall normally be borne by the persons attending them.

15. Amendment of the Constitution
The wording of the Constitution may be changed at the request of Members of the Association provided: (1) the revised wording is supported by no fewer than eight Members of the Association and (2) the revised wording is presented to the membership in a postal ballot, and (3) the revised wording is accepted by not less than 30% of the Electorate.

It will be the duty of the Secretary to verify that the wording is correctly supported, and to arrange the ballot of the membership.