Committees and working groups


The work of the Engineering Professors’ Council is delivered via its Committees and working groups.  A password is required to access the Board and Committee webpages. If you are a member and have forgotten your password, please contact us.

The current Committees are:

  • Recruitment and Admissions (RAC)
  • Engineering Education, Employability and Skills (EEES)
  • Research, Innovation and Knowledge Transfer (RIKT)

They each meet 2 or 3 times per year on a perpetual calendar to set out a programme of activities, including a draft dissemination programme and to steer and receive updates on the activities of their working groups and/or smaller task groups.  In addition, they will provide reports to the EPC Executive Board on matters that have arisen in the policy arena and an update on progress with the agreed pro-active programme of activity.  Their meetings are documented and made available via the dedicated webpages accessible here.

Forms of Dissemination

The way in which we disseminate information will depend largely on the requirements of our membership, and the issue in question but, in general, we will aim to:

  • Provide regular updates via periodic infoDigests, email circulation of the membership database and through the EPC website.
  • Maintain an information repository available to members through the EPC website.
  • Post blog entries on the website to generate debate.
  • Deliver periodic seminars, such as the Recruitment and Admissions Forum, on matters of strategic importance and that demand the attention of our members and wider network.
  • If significant studies commissioned and carried out by the Committees are available, they can be delivered via the EPC Annual Congress.